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English Summary

The Company

We have specialised in restoration, extension and maintenance
of buildings of all kinds since the company was founded.

With our business partners (who are – just like our staff – excellently qualified
and experienced) we operate as general contractor, which entails the advantage
that you only deal with one partner from scratch.

We are always available in case of emergencies like damages caused by water.
Our full service includes instant repair, draining and final repair of consequential damage.

English Summary
We have specialised in:
  • consultancy, planning and completion of projects
  • restoration, reconstruction and extension of buildings
  • technical maintenance of buildings and facilities
  • repairing damages caused by water and natural hazards
  • non-destructive leakage localisation
  • mold remedial action including thermography and air-leakage test
Private Clients

Your home is your biggest investment in life. We will assist you in finding the
proper object, in planning possible reconstructions and maintenance. It goes
without saying that you can do parts of the project yourself or hand it over to
a craftsman of your choice.

Trade and Commerce Clients

Knowing the special needs of these clients we take great care not to interfere
with business or office hours as best as we can.

Hotels and Restaurants

Exact planning and co-ordination will reduce any possible disturbance
of your guests to a minimum.

Facility Management, Building Societies and Tenement Owners

In this field we focus on management and maintenance of buildings and facilities.
We will provide periodical reports and clearly represented bills.

Insurance Companies

In case of damages we offer any specialist, starting with locating the damage
and its origin and ending in the professional repair on the basis of the expertise
all in one hand.

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